Leaders in logistics – this is Privé.

Privé Logistics is about movement. We specialise in moving goods – ensuring that they travel from point of origin to final destination in the most efficient way possible.

Along the journey, we provide our clients with sincere and dedicated service and are proud of the fact that, once a customer has worked with us once, they stay with us.

Privé Logistics is a team of experts in global supply chain management, customs clearing, freight forwarding, air and sea freight logistics and bond store services. We give clients customised solutions to optimise their import and export processes.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Privé Logistics is a local company with global reach. We have built partnerships with leading international forwarding agents so that we can guarantee importers and exporters effective supply chain solutions.

Our Worldwide Logistics Services

Worldwide Freight Forwarding

Privé Logistics offers logistics solutions for any type of freight, regardless of size, destination or the type of transport. Privé Logistics is able to supply you with a tailored forwarding…
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Air Freight Logistics

Privé Logistics is a routing specialist that works with local and global partners. We provide air freight solutions that can be customised to suit any client’s needs. Our air freight services…
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Sea Freight Logistics

Privé Logistics offers customisable ocean freight solutions. We work with a global network of partners so that cargo can be moved from any destination to any location. We customise…
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Customs Clearing

As a team of customs clearing and tariff specialists, Privé Logistics is proud to provide fast clearing, oversee compliance documentation, manage tariff audits and refunds…
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Supply Chain Solutions

We know that good business needs cost-effective, manageable supply chains For this reason, Privé Logistics is known as a team of experts in customising supply chain…
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Bondstore Solutions

Prive’s automated bond store solution automates the bond store process, ensuring that all procedures are seamlessly integrated. We have developed a bond store system…
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Our Specialized Solutions



AutoBond automates the bond store process, ensuring that all procedures are seamlessly integrated. We have developed a bond store system that removes the stress that traditionally comes with managing them. Bonded warehouse management can be complicated. Our aim is to partner with you to simplify it.